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Warrior Blowgun .40 cal from 24" & 36" in Assorted Colors - Full Loaded with 40 Darts


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The Warrior model is the ultimate blowgun for you. One look at this blowgun, and you'll be amazed at the arsenal of darts right there at your fingertips. You get all the same awesome darts and accessories that are offered with the Ninja model, and, in addition, you get the hunting series of darts, the spear and the broadhead. These darts offer more penetration and power for small game. You also get the additional quivers and dart guards for the safety Avenger is known for plus a Blowgun Sling. The aluminum barrel of the blowgun is precision made to fit perfectly with the darts and other accessories and the parts are made in the USA, so you will never be disappointed over the quality of workmanship. The Avenger Warrior is the most awesome, eye-catching blowgun offered!

Features and Benefits: Precision made aluminum barrel with perfectly fitting accessories and darts. Avenger components are made in the USA . You get 12 of the best and most popular Target Darts made with a 4 inch sharpened wire with dart cone. Next, you get ten 5" spear darts and 12 broadhead hunting darts. Additionally you get 8 of our popular stun darts. To top it off, we include all of the dart quivers and dart protective tip guards installed on the blowgun as well as two foam grips and a convenient handmade carrying sling.

  • Avenger Warrior Features:
  • 40 Total darts
  • 12 target darts
  • 8 stun darts
  • 10 broad head darts
  • 10 spearhead darts
  • 16 point quiver
  • 8 point quiver
  • Four 10 point quiver
  • 3 Dart Guard Tip Protectors
  • Foam Grip
  • Aircraft Aluminum barrel
  • Made in the USA

We offer a full line of replacement darts and additional quivers to build out your blowguns just as you like it... 

Get it before you regret it!