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Indestructible Plastic Tonfa - Black

$29.95 $24.95

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You have every reason in the world to love the Indestructible Plastic Tonfa. Made from sturdy polypropylene plastic and crafted in realistic detail, this pair of black plastic tonfa is light (weighing just under a pound each) and durable. You can therefore feel free to swing with raw power and expect your weapons to stay intact for a long time, even amid the roughest of sparring sessions. Even if you are required to use wooden tonfa in official competitions, these are still great training tonfa for you to practice your form.

The unbreakable tonfa are also good for security personnel and police officers, since they work as excellent nightsticks. People will respect you because these are some pretty serious weapons.

As long as you take care of your indestructible polypropopylene tonfa (don't drop them in the stove, don't lose them, don't feed them after midnight), they will be the last martial arts tonfa you will need for a very long time.

Product Highlights:

  • Sold in Single Baton
  • Polypropylene Material - Stands up to the rigors of a rough training session!
  • Realistic Design - Designed to simulate the finest police batons/tonfa!
  • Tonfa Length: 23" (approx.)
  • Handle Length: 4.5" (approx.)
  • Weight: 16 oz. (approx.)
  • Single-Piece Design - One solid, molded piece that you can trust not to break!
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